About Us

Ingrid Fjaervik

General Dentist and Speaker for Invisalign.

One of Norway’s foremost Invisalign experts, Ingrid is an experienced cosmetic dentist, with particular interests in reducing the effects of dental phobia on her patients, as well as sedation and general anesthetics. She had also completed courses on implant prosthodontics and esthetic dentistry at the Pankey Institute in Miami.

She has built up a great deal of experience in complex cases, with a large part of her work runs a large cosmetic dental practice in the heart of Oslo, where a large part of her work is on Invisalign cases, as well as cosmetic dentistry and full mouth restorations.

Dr. Nimmi Holstein

General Dentist and Speaker for Invisalign.

Dr. Nimmi Holstein is a private practitioner and active in Copenhagen - He is a top level Diamond 2 Invisalign provider, and has over eleven years of clinical experience with Invisalign. With many hundred successful treatments completed, he has a solid knowledge of Invisalign. Nimmi has been active in dental care for over 32 years. He was among the first dentists in Denmark to perform complete bite reconstructions. He was early with implant surgery and various laser treatments. He was one of the first in Europe to use the iTero intraoral scanner. For the past ten years he has also been a member of the editorial board of the Esthetic Dentistry Magazine.

Dr. Nimmi Holstein is one of the European Speakers on the Align Faculty, and he leads Invisalign Certification Courses and Invisalign Study Clubs.

He is one of the 2 Scandinavian speakers who lead the new Invisalign Go Courses, and he is a passionate mentor for the course participants.

Dr Mobin Fakhary

General Dentist and Speaker for Invisalign.

Dr Mobin Fakhary is a private practitioner in the central parts of Malmö. He is running one of the largest and most modern private dental clinics in southern parts of Sweden.

He is an expert in the field of esthetic and digital dentistry. He has the ability to combine Invisalign with composite fillings, veneers, crowns and implants to create the perfect results for the patients. He is a perfectionist and very passionate about his work, which is reflected in the results and the quality of his treatments.

Dr Sebastian Däröste

General Dentist and Speaker for Invisalign.

Dr. Sebastian Däröste is an Invisalign Platinum Elite Provider (2021), based in Oslo, Norway. He is currently a Clinical Trainer in one of Scandinavia’s largest dental groups after having sold out of his previous practice.

His focus is to ensure patient’s visits are fun and memorable. He is recognized among the influencer community in Norway due to his orientation to aesthetic dentistry. Dr. Däröste is a frequent user of virtual consultations and firmly believes that digital dentistry is an important pillar stone in his practice for both simple and complex cases.

He is currently undertaking a MSc in Specialist Practice of Clear Aligner Orthodontics as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Clear Aligner Therapy.

Dr Chris Gan

General Dentist

Chris Gan is a Platinum Elite II Provider from the Netherlands. He is a practice owner of ‘’MijnTandarts’’ in Heemskerk, since 2010. Chris graduated in 2006 from AcademischCentrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam. As a pioneer in the Dutch Invisalign system, he is one of the first dentists who has achieved Gold status. He is a an Invisalign Clinical Speaker for Aligner Consulting. You can come to him for an esthetically and functionally beautiful results.

Dr Lisette Radmakers

General Dentist | Masters MedSci

Lisette Rademakershas been an estheticdentist since 2002. She graduated from the University of Amsterdam and followed on completing her thesis at Columbus University New York. Her revolutionary vision and approach to non-invasive dental care with the use of Invisalign as non-prep porcelain veneers that is made within her own dental laboratory. Her expertise in straightening, shading and integral dental make overs, make her the foremost dental specialist in anti-aging treatments.

Dr Willemijn van den Houdt

General Dentist | Masters MedSci

At Clinias, my clinic located in Breda, the Netherlands, the best day is a smile creating day.

Around me I created a great team of specialist all with the same goal; a perfect smile.

After my education in dentistry in Nijmegen, I added two years of oral surgery to my education and later broadened my field of work with orthodontics and aesthetic dentistry. In my view, good general dental care is the minimum basis for the best oral care. From here it is of course perfect to be able to delve into more specialist dentistry such as 3D designing and restorative dentistry. I can enjoy a beautiful smile intensely, people are smiling at their best. If I can use my knowledge and skills to create a beautiful smile, my day is all right again. In my pursuit of perfection, I think I sometimes demand too much from my employees, but when I hear that they are proud to work at Clinias, it reassures me.